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The reason why we hunt animals is not just the for sake of killing an animal, but also to preserve these animals.  The first thing that will come to your mind is to say how could you preserve an animal by killing it?
The fact is that the prey-predator ratio has changed and thus have the numbers of the animals.   This means that we hunters have to control their numbers through hunting.  If we do not do it the animals will over graze the land and send them to a slow hungry grave.

South Africa has a good track record in nature conservation and is the only countries in Africa that have a positive growth in Elephant, White rhino and Black rhino.  Animals are relocated animals back into Africa, where poaching has almost obliterated them from the face of the earth.  To control hunting and to organize it means that everybody has got a responsibility towards preserving the animals for the next generation.
In hunting, the find and killing of game is after all but part of the whole.  The free, self-reliant, adventurous life, with its rugged and stalwart democracy;  the wild surroundings, the grand beauty of the scenery, the challenge to study the ways and habits of the woodland creatures - all these unite to give to the career of the wilderness hunter its peculiar charm.  The chase is among the best of all national pastimes;  it cultivates that vigorous manliness for the lack of which in a nation, as in an individual, the possession of no other qualities can possible atone.